Get Rid of Wrinkles and Fine Lines Once and for All

how to get rid of fine lines and wrinklesOur major topic of conversation here at the website is home microdermabrasion reviews and tips.  We’re kind of consumed by it.  However, we do recognize that there are other ways to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines on your face.  Even better, there are some easy ways to prevent (or at least slow them down!) from coming back…or ever coming at all.

Well, not exactly:  You’re getting older. I’m getting older.  So is our skin. It’s exposed to sun, air, and time.  We are all going to get wrinkles and lines on our faces…if we don’t already have them.  Ahem…I do.  My main problem area, the area that I notice the most, is the corners of my eyes and my mouth.  Ugh…what I wouldn’t give to get rid of the crow’s feet and the lines at the edges of my lips.

Here are a few good ways to prevent or combat wrinkles and fine lines from showing up!


Apply Sunscreen

This is the first thing that should be done every morning.  Broad spectrum, 30 SPF is enough to do the job.  Daily sunlight is mostly UVA and beats the heck out of collagen.  Over time…that causes damage and premature or over-aging.

Moisturize with Peptides

Peptides are short chain amino acids that promote and stimulate the growth of new collagen while also hydrating the skin.  To compound this, the peptides also inhibit enzymes that are known to break down the collagen in skin.  The best kind have silicone derivatives of dimethicone and/or cyclomethicone.  They may not be easy to say…but they save the day.



Cambridge, Ma cosmetic dermatologist, Ranella Hirsch says that there is “no doubt” that “retinoids are the answer for fine lines”.  However, retinoids are irritating so only use them as much as your face can take it.  For a better gauge of what that is besides pain, go to a dermatologist and let him or her tell you what your retinoids limit should be.


Here’s a quick tip on how to prep your skin for retinoids:  First prep your skin for two weeks with an antioxidant like green tea or coffeberry. After that, you should dab on some retinol cream every night and then the antioxidant again.


Lastly, twice a week, use an AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) cream.  After you know your retinoid limit and you’re sure that there is on major irritation, you can boost the effects and benefits by substituting it’s use with alpha hydroxy acid twice per week.

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