Microdermabrasion Benefits

Many people consider the microdermabrasion treatment as a “lunch time” facial so it is extremely convenient to conduct your own microdermabrasion treatments at home with a machine of your own.

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The Awesome Microdermabrasi0n Benefits:

  • Diminish or get rid of face lines
  • Diminish or get rid of face wrinkles
  • Signs of aging
  • Diminishes acne scars
  • Diminishes or eliminates light scarring
  • Gives skin a healthy looking glow
  • “Freshens” the skin
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Virtually NO Side Effects

There are almost no side effects or risks involved with home microdermabrasion machines and treatments.  It is a great alternative to facials and skin treatments that use chemicals because microderm treatments do not use any chemicals.

At times there is a bit of skin irritation but this is no more than a warm, tingly feeling that most people consider and reflect upon with a positive memory. It is the feeling of “newness”.  You can see that microdermabrasion benefits far outweigh anything risks.


After your home microdermabrasion treatment your skin may be pink or “pinkish” but that will fade (usually) but that will end in a few hours.  You should feel very little to NO discomfort during the treatment. Many women apply make-up shortly after their day time home microdermabrasion treatments to mask the pinkness of the skin.  Since you will be conducting your treatments at home you can time your microderm so that you do it towards the end of your day.

Keep in mind that your initial home treatments may be awkward but as you become comfortable with your home microdermabrasion machine and you get used to giving yourself (and your friends!) the treatment then any awkwardness or doubt should go away.

Read our Reviews!

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