PMD Personal Microderm System

The PMD Personal Microderm is skin care device which is created to help women who have problems with their skin. It will help you and your skin to look fresh and be more confident. With this device, you will be able to have a professional treatment just inside your home. This device is using Aluminum Oxide crystals which are located on the patented spinning discs.

PMD Personal Microderm SystemBecause of the combination of Patented Spinning discs and with perfectly calibrate vacuum suction you will be able to remove skin which is already dead or even dull skin cell barriers, you will also help the blood to circulate better.

Another great thing which comes with usage of this device is that this product can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which are two very important product for healthy and beautiful skin.

What actually Patented Spinning Disc Technology and calibrated vacuum suction is?

Because of the aluminum oxide crystals on the disc, you will be able to remove the dead skin easily.

Those discs are not patented on the scrubbing technique but those discs are gently removing the dead cells, and the skin will be renewed, soft and rejuvenated.

And when we are talking about calibrated vacuum suction we are talking about a unique technique which is made to increase blood flow.

To achieve that the device is pulling the blood flow to the surface and because of that the body can produce more collagen and elastin which are crucial if you want your skin to be healthy, firm and radiant.

Those spinning discs are made for removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

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When you remove those dead cells those skin products can much easier reach the surface of your skin and because of that you can reach the maximum at skin care.

With removing dead cells first, you will be able to restore your skin condition fully by microdermabrasion at home.

Because of all those technologies, you will be able to have your skin soft, bright and brilliant and for all that you don’t need to visit a professional, you can simply do it in your own bathroom.

What do you get with PMD Personal Microderm System?

This set includes following items:
1 personal microderm tool which works with electric power cord and the cord is included too;
it includes 1 white disc which is a training disc and a disc for ultra-sensitive skin,
2 gray discs which are made for very sensitive skin treatment,
2 blue discs which are made for skin which is just sensitive and
2 green discs which are made for moderate treatment for skin which is not so much sensitive.

There are also 2 caps included.

The first one which is larger is made for body exfoliation and the second one which is smaller is made for facial exfoliation.

There is also 1 reusable filter included. With the product, you will also get written instruction and a How to DVD on which the procedure of the exfoliation is explained.

The product comes in 5 different colors: gray, teal, purple, pink and blue.

The product also has a 5 year extended warranty just in case something goes wrong with the device.

PMD Personal Microderm System Review

PMD Personal Microderm System ReviewsAfter reading the reviews customers were mostly happy and pleased with the product.

The things they usually complained about were actually about the cable.

This product is operating with a cable and that means is not as portable as it would be if it were battery operated.

Another thing the buyers were complaining about is that the discs usually don’t last longer than 3 or 4 treatments, and after you have used them, you soon have to purchase new discs.

When we are already talking about discs customers were very pleased that this set includes discs for various skin types and different levels of skin sensitivity, so the device is usable for several people at once.

People who used it also wrote that the results could be seen even after one treatment, and that means this product is really great.

And overall this product is worth the money, and I would totally recommend the purchase to everyone who are suffering from a bad skin condition.

There is one more thing people were putting it out, and that is that device just lightens up or fades dark scars.

And it doesn’t fix deep acne scars, but that is not the primer thing that this device does because this device is not made for fixing deep acne scars but it is made to help you to get your skin back to healthy zone.

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  • 5 year extended warranty
  • 5 different available colors
  • 6 discs
  • Instructions and DVD included
  • Really light product
  • Great price


  • Cable operated – not as portable
  • Discs don’t last longer than 4 treatments
  • It doesn’t fix deep acne scars

Our Verdict on PMD Personal Microderm System

PMD Personal Microderm System UseAfter doing a review about this PMD Personal Microderm and reading a few reviews of other customers I found out this item is a perfect purchase for those who suffer from a bad skin condition and they cannot afford a professional care.

It is a great product which offers pretty much the same treatment as you get it at the professional’s salon.

It is perfect because you can do yourself a treatment for your skin simply at home and without any costs.

It is ideal for people with sensitive skin, with acne or maybe people with dry skin.

Because it comes in various colors, you can just choose the color you like and because it is available in girlish and boyish colors this product can also be a perfect device for boys and men too.

The price is somewhere in the middle price range, and that means you will get a great device for skin care for a very reasonable price (if we compare how much it would cost us to get treatments at professionals).

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PMD Personal Microderm System
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