Quick Microdermabrasion at Home Tips

brunettes_women_models__facesMicrodermabrasion actually plays a part in many home procedures for facial skin care.  Many facial treatment creams and peels can be categorized as microdermabrasion and even products and procedures such as exfoliating brushes such as this skin cleaning system.

As much as we recommend home microdermabrasion systems here, we can’t just recommend jumping into a treatment without doing some basic things to prepare for a home treament.

3 Steps to Successful Microdermabrasion at Home Treatments

Step 1:

Always thoroughly clean your face and disinfect the entire area with a product that is specifically designed for use on the facial skin.  This will help to avoid infections and irritations as you exfoliate and the microdermabrasion gently removes that top layer of skin.  As non-aggressive as microderamabrasion is, it still removes a very thin layer of top skin which leaves the new skin underneath that hasn’t had the opportunity to build cells to protect itself.

We don’t recommend doing microdermabrasion treatments more than twice per week with most home treatment machines, and if you’ve purchased a professional quality microderm machine then you may want to keep it to once per week until you know that your skin can handle doing it more than that.  Your skin needs time to go through the process off exposing new skin, regenerating to its capacity, and then dying again.  With regular microderm treatments though it is possible to keep the freshest, youngest looking skin exposed and healthy at all time. (And save you LOTS of money!)

Step 2:

Avoid heavy exposure to the sun for a couple of days after your home microdermabrasion treatment.  Don’t stress your skin too much with anything for best results.  This means sun exposure, heavily scented creams and perfumes and, if possible, try to wear wide-brimmed hats until your skin is fully regenerated and has had 48 hours to fully heal.

Step 3:

Examine results over time.  Once you buy your home microdermabrasion machine and begin your treatments it is a good idea to take photos of face and other areas that you will be treating.  This is a sure way to gauge the effectiveness of your home facial treatments.  It helps when you can identify definite changes and upgrades in you skin’s appearance.  Keep in mind, though, that one of the greatest benefits of home microdermabrasion treatments is how great it makes your skin feel even immediately after your treatment.  Your skin will feel fresh, young and invigorated and so will you.

Lastly, be very careful of which advice and guidance that you follow. While doing a little research today I actually found a guide on eBay that says “Unlike treatments in a beauty salon or dermatologist’s office, microdermabrasion at home isn’t done with a device, but rather a peeling cream.”  That may have been true at one time but not in 2015 when the guide was written.

We do agree, however, in the statement that there is a large variety of different products on the market today that can help you achieve the skin appearance and the bright, youthful complexion that you’re in search of.  There are home machines, mini pocketbook treatments, creams, and lotions.  Decide which one is best for your needs and your skin and get the microdermabrasion at home option that suits you the best.

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