NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Kit Review

NuFace-trinity-facial-trainer-kit-reviewThe NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer is the first hand held multi-solution skin care device that was approved by the FDA.  That’s big.  To date, it’s still the ONLY FDA approved device.  There are so many great reviews for this product on Amazon that it’s difficult to sift through them all and find a negative one.

The NuFace line and company was founded on the heels and experience of aesthetician, Carol Cole in 2005.  Since that time the brand has taken off as people come to realize how having that kind of knowledge and time in the industry can truly help in creating a quality skin care device with multi-function capability.

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Included in the Box:  (The products are all packaged in the set.)

  • NuFace Facial Trainer

Stimulates the face with micro-current application with several interchangeable attachments and skin sensor module.

  • NuFace Gel Primer

This is the liquid application that you apply for the micro-current.  It ensures maximum microcurrent conductivity  as a first step in the process and allows NuFace device to easily glide across the skin for the best results.

  • NuFace Trinity Ele

This is a separate attachment that works by applying the micro-current that targets those pesky areas around the lips and the eyes.  This attachment would have been the only sticking point for FDA approval but it was quickly approved and this alone has really made the NuFace Trinity Kit power house that it is today in facial skin care products ranking #13 on Amazon amongst Beauty>Skin Car>Face>Treatments>Microdermabrasion products.  That’s a pretty big chunk of bragging rights for a relatively new product and company that is going up against brands like Diamond, Rejuvaderm, Zeny and Kendal.

Here are some comments from buyers of the NuFace Trinity on Amazon:

“It seems to be working! I look a lot less tired and my skin is glowing. The sagging does not seem as pronounced either.”

“Have had this for about a year and have seen a little improvement over time. You have to be consistent with it or else lose all the benefit. Also, the price tag is pretty hefty – more than its worth I think – so cannot give it five stars.

The common observations in the Amazon reviews seem to center on two main views:

1.  The NuFace Trinity Kit is not cheap, selling for upwards of a few hundred dollars.  (Check Current Price)

2.  The device is worth it as daily use over time will show great results.

There are peppered comments of the device not working, however these are usually limited to those who expected a miracle device in a short amount of time.  Just like all facial toning and skin treatments this requires correct and consistent use to keep your skin healthy, vibrant and younger looking.


While this is listed under microdermabrasion on Amazon and we are reviewing it here, it is not a traditional microderm device withe exfoliation and vacuum.  Rather, the NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer kit stimulates with micro-current to stimulate and treat facial skin for new skin cell growth and does so quite effectively for great results.

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NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Kit Review

The NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer is the first hand held multi-solution skin care device that was approved by the FDA.

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