Top 5 Microdermabrasion Machines for Beautiful Holiday Skin

microdermabrasion christmas giftsWho doesn’t want to look their best for the holidays?  Whether it’s because you normally like to take of yourself and have beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin OR you just want to rub how good you look in your snooty sister-in-law’s face…  It doesn’t really matter what your reason is.  You have the right to look beautiful.

Then again, maybe you just want rub in how good you look to your sister- or mother-in-law.  There’s no better way to do that than gifting them a brand new home microdermabrasion machine with a little bit of “this is how my skin looks so nice” remark. LOL!

Aaah, the holidays!

Our Top 5 Skin Care and Microdermabrasion Products for the Holidays

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The Silk’n Revit

This is a great “pen” like portable and home microdermabrasion machine that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean.  The filter does need to be replaced from time to time but the immediate affect and the long term return on investment is well worth it.  And the price is right, too.  You can usually find these really cheaply on places like Amazon.

Kendal 3 in 1

You can read our full review on the Kendall microdermabrasion machine here.  We think very highly of it and it continues to stay in the number one spot on your Top 5 Home Microdermabrasion list.  It comes with a great warranty and 9 different crystal heads and the ability to vary the level of suction so that you can customize your experience based on your needs and skin. Find it on Amazon as a gift!

MiniMD by Trophy Skin

The MiniMD by Trophy Skin is another pen like microderm machine but with a slightly different build.  It is definitely mini, though, and even more portable and easy to use everywhere than the Silk’n Revit.  It has been dermatologist recommended and, just like all of the machines that we recommend, will leave you skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated as well as giving you a younger complexion over time. Current Amazon Reviews.


We haven’t fully reviewed the PMD here yet as we are still deep in testing but we’re excited by our experience and what we have found out so far.  The vacuum gently pulls the skin to the disc in order to smoothly and safely exfoliate.  One of the rising the stars of the home and portable microderm machines. You can also check out the entire line of PMD products to complement the machines performance and enhance your beauty.

Kelley West Microderm360

You can get a Microdermabrasion and Exfoliation treatment from head to toe and anywhere you want.  It’s all in the palm of your hand with the Kelley West Microderm360. With it’s rotating head, you are assured to reach all parts of your body at any angle.  You treat do your feet, hands, elbows, neck and any other body part. This machine is one of the most technologically advanced in the industry and we went out of our way to fully review it here.

It’s a happy holidays for all when they get one of the awesome home microdermabrasion machines above.  For even more information on the benefits of microderm and the cost comparison between spa and home machines, please read the below articles.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Cost Analysis


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